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Best Emergency Dentist Open 24 Hours

When you think of “things you shop around for,” one that rarely comes to mind is “the best emergency dentist open 24 hours”. After all, you’re trying to find a dentist and you’re in an emergency: it’s rarely the time to compare and contrast. That’s one reason why we make it so easy to find the right dentist at our site. Here at Denteractive, we’re committed to helping our customers to find the right dentists for their needs. In this blog, we’ll cover how you can find a dentist through our site as well as how it all works.

An Emergency Dentist Open 24 Hours

We know that when you have a dental emergency late at night, there’s no time to waste. That’s why we made an “Emergency” tab on our phone and website. Should something occur very late at night or early in the morning, click on the “Emergency” button. There, you’ll find many options to choose from. You should pick the one that’s closest to your specific emergency. If you aren’t sure which is one 100% applicable, that’s all right. In a moment, you’ll be talking to a pro.

Video, Pics, Files and More

Once you’ve selected your emergency option, you’ll want to initiate the call. It may move very quickly or it may take a moment, but we have several online dentists on staff. When one becomes available, they’ll take your emergency request. As soon as you’re connected, explain to them what’s going on. They’re going to want as much information as possible. The more detail you can describe it in, the better.

Best Emergency Dentist Open 24 Hours

Of course, if you’re suffering a dental emergency, it may not be easy to “describe” something. After all, if your mouth is in severe pain, the last thing you want to do is give a long, detailed speech. We understand that. That’s why we made it so easy to send videos, texts, pics and even files to our dental professionals. That way, you don’t have to strain your mouth (or worse) just to let someone know your dental emergency. Our secure platform makes it easy to let them know exactly what’s going on.

Videos for More than Just Emergencies

Many of our customers think that the video, pics and chat functions are only for if you’re going through some kind of dental emergency, but that’s not the case. Plenty of our customers use them to keep in touch with their dentists. It’s a great way to know if you have some kind of dental problem, or if you’re healing properly. For example, say you had some kind of dental operation done. You still feel a little sore, but the dentist told you that would be the case. Of course, being human, you’re worried that you’re feeling too sore, or that your operation isn’t healing properly.

So, you contact the dentist, and they agree to look at some pictures or videos of your mouth., which you can send through Denteractive. From there, the dentist can take a quick look at your mouth to know the truth. They can tell you, straight out, whether or not everything is OK. Compare that to how this might have had to go in the past: you could have tried explaining your dental concerns to the dentist (or someone on their staff) over the phone. That’s not exactly the best, clearest way for them to know the truth.

Convenient Emergency Dentistry

Another way you may have had to deal with this is through scheduling an appointment with the dentist. Then, you would have had to take more time out of your busy day/life, go to the dentist’s, probably pay a co-pay, and then have them look at your mouth. Instead, with our video functions, all you have to do is send the pictures in. You’re saving yourself plenty of time and money. Moreover, on top of saving all of that, you are also able to ease your mind by having a dental professional let you know the exact state of your dental health.

There’s a natural inclination to believe that our service is expensive here, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Our service is actually 100% free. We don’t believe that you should have to pay money in order to connect to the right dentist. Our service is about bringing people who need help with their teeth and dentists together, that’s it. We don’t slap any hidden or surprise fees on at the end, either. We just offer a service that makes it easier than ever for people to stay on top of their dental health. To see how it works, just head over to our Denteractive site.