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Denteractive Can Help You With a 24 7 Dental Emergency

You’re sitting on your couch and having your favorite snack and all of a sudden there is an odd pain in your mouth, we’ve all been there. Teeth are sensitive body structures that require special attention from a dentist. Since dentists are not as accessible in dental emergencies as urgent cares and hospitals are in other medical emergencies, it makes many nervous. What to do and where to go is immediately the questions that come to mind; especially if you have not been to the dentist in a long time and need to find one as soon as possible. Before you get anxious, it’s important to know if you are actually having a dental emergency or if it can wait. A 24 7 dental emergency can come in all shapes and sizes. Read below to see what type of dental emergency you may encounter and what to do.

Broken Tooth Dental Emergency Trauma

A broken or a chipped tooth often times occur when you have some sort of accident or injury involved impact towards your mouth. This can also happen when attempting to chew on something hard, especially if your teeth have lacked strength. A lot of broken tooth dental emergencies are not too serious, but it is still crucial to take the time to fix a broken tooth, even if it is just slightly chipped and not fully dislodged. In most severe trauma cases, time is of essence and the outcome of the treatment depends on how quickly the problem is addressed. Obviously , treatment is determined on a case to case basis, and if a tooth is severely damaged it may need to be removed all together! Sometimes even if you think a tooth chipping is not warrant enough to book an emergency dental appointment, there can be some damage that is not visible at a first look and can only be determined by a specialized dentist.

a 24 7 Dental Emergency


When it comes to a toothache, sometimes a dental emergency can be determined all by yourself. A toothache is a hard type of pain to handle and is only sometimes remedied by over the counter medication. If pain is unbearable, it is important to get it resolved with a dentist so you can go on about your daily life. If pain is associated with some sort of swelling in the face, this may mean that you have an abscess. An abscessed tooth is when the inside of a tooth gets infected due to lack of attention. This may lead to swelling and pus in the face and gums and maybe even fevers and chills. The pain and change in appearance that comes with an abscess is hard to avoid and needs to be treated as soon as possible. If infected, it is possible that the infection can spread to other parts of your body and can have serious consequences.

Loose Filling/Crown

The feeling of having a loose filling or crown leaves patients vulnerable and uncomfortable. A filling is hardened material used to plug up cavities that were worked on in teeth and crowns cover the tops of teeth. Whatever the case may be, fillings and crowns may get loose, lose traction, and fall off of the teeth they are attached. This may cause patients pain because it leaves the tooth that was once covered exposed to trauma, bacteria and other damaging material introduced to the mouth. This can be problematic in short term and overall health of the teeth and gums.

Bleeding, drug allergies, non-tooth related issues

You’ve had couple of teeth removed today and now it’s midnight and you’re still bleeding heavily. You can’t get a hold of your dentist. What is the problem?  What should you do?

Or; you started the new antibiotics that your dentist prescribed, and you’re getting a rash all over. What should you do?

Or; you get a big ulcer on your lip and you’re mouth is burning on one side.  What’s going on?

These are real life situations that a 24/7 Denteractive dentist can help you with!

Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies can stress you out, but if you believe you need to see a dentist as soon as possible, Denteractive is a great solution. Denteractive has created a teledentistry app that can assist you in getting immediate answers from a dental specialist  through text and video in a completely secured environment. Denteractive can also find a dentist near you at your convenience. For more information on how you can determine if you are having a dental emergency and solve it please visit the Denteractive website, download the app at Denteractive App Store or call (888) 574-7754.