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Emergency Dentist Online Chat Helps Determine the Urgency of Your Case

Right now, the last thing you probably want is to spend time in a medical waiting room. Under the present circumstances, there probably aren’t worse places for you to be at. This is why, should you feel like you have a dental emergency in your hands, you can count on the Denteractive emergency dentist online chat.

Emergency Dentist Online Chat

We at Denteractive have established our emergency dentist chat so that patients can determine whether or not they need emergency dental attention. Here’s a quick guide to help you know how to act in case of a dental incident.

 emergency dentist online chat

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

So, first of all, in which cases should you drop everything and run to see an emergency dentist? Let’s discuss a few of the cases in which you should probably hurry up to get something done.

  • Knocked-Out Tooth – Many people don’t know this, but if a tooth is knocked out, it might be possible to reinsert it if you act soon enough. If you properly preserve the tooth by cleaning it, avoiding touching the root, and placing it in a container with milk, the tooth could be reattached if you quickly go to an emergency dentist.
  • Chipped Tooth – Cracked or chipped teeth are not always emergencies, but they can be when really serious. You need to make sure that, if you are suffering from a painful fracture, you use warm water to clean your mouth. Next, make sure the sharp crack won’t cause any harm to the inside of your mouth. If you feel like the cracked tooth could cause further harm or be infected, contact our emergency dentist online chat.
  • Abscessed Tooth – When a tooth is infected by bacteria, pockets of pus might form in different parts of the tooth. This is called an abscessed tooth, and it can be quite painful and even deadly if left untreated. You can 
  • differentiate this condition from regular toothache if you have swollen lymph nodes, swollen red gums, or if the pain radiates to your jaw, ear, or neck.

What Doesn’t?

So, obviously, the cases that we outlined above aren’t going to be the only kinds of dental emergencies out there. A lot of people, however, tend to self-diagnose themselves with an emergency without fully knowing where the situation calls for it or not. Toothache, for example, doesn’t always hint at an actual emergency. It can be a symptom of an emergency, but not the only one. Additionally, losing dental fixtures can wait until a regular dentist appointment. If you lose a filling or a crown, you can try to reapply the crown with denture adhesive or to even replace the filling with some gum until you can see a professional.


Contact Denteractive

Denteractive allows patients to have an emergency dentist online chat for when they are unsure about whether or not they need professional attention. In times of an ongoing pandemic, these sort of preemptive measures are more important than ever. This is why Denteractive can get you in touch with available professionals who can help you at a distance. For 24/7 dental help, visit our website or give us a call at (888)-574-7754.