Denteractive, the Most Complete HIPAA Compliant Teledentistry Platform

Increasing Reach, Revenue and Convenience with Your Patients. Just One Text or Video Visit Away!

Teledentistry Platform to Improve Outcomes and Boost Revenue

Denteractive increases access to dental care for the global population by facilitating and optimizing secured communications and collaboration with dental professionals who can provide quality and personable care to meet the patient needs.

Generating Leads

Denteractive generates leads through its real-time platform where new patients seeking care or advice, can interact with a dental office via text or video from their comfort of home, office or when on-the-go. Use our marketing tools to increase visibility to your practice and distinguish yourself from your peers.

Satisfaction & Loyalty

Busy schedules, long distance, transportation, and travel cases are serious obstacles for many patients nowadays. Removing these challenges by connecting with where they are, can help increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Productivity

Managing your time and patients more efficiently boost productivity and bottom-line. Denteractive allows you to focus your office staff and treatment rooms on patients who require chair time, while you see those with low-intensity issues through your remote teledental practice. GET REIMBURSEMENT FOR YOUR TIME DIRECTLY BY PATIENTS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES USING CDT D0140, D0170, OR D0171 ACCOMPANIED BY THE TELEDENTISTRY CODES: D9995 (SYNCHRONOUS; REAL-TIME ENCOUNTER) OR D9996 (SYNCHRONOUS; STORE AND FORWARD PATIENT INFORMATION SENT TO DENTISTS FOR SUBSEQUENT REVIEW).

Patient Follow-up

Give yourself to your existing patients to keep them connected to your practice at all times. Use Denteractive as your preferred after-hour emergency line of communication, to ensure efficiency and to reduce unnecessary visits to urgent care, emergency rooms, or other dentists due to lack of access or proper education.

Urgent Care

Give access to emergency patients when they need it most! Increase your ability to check on existing or new patients suffering from urgent dental issues, chronic condition, or those who require more attention to minimize more acute conditions or catastrophic situations.

Education and Consultation

Millennials comprise roughly 25 percent of the US population and it is estimated that by 2025, they will make up 75 percent of the Global Workforce. Immediate and optimized access to professionals for education and resources is most important than ever for this segment of the population. Telehealth is growing exponentially and will improve access, transparency and better outcomes.

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